We Coming!

After years of not getting the information that I crave from my area, I’m about to do the damn thing myself. This is why I started this website. I started out with a YouTube talk show in 2007. It didn’t take. I started one again in 2011. It lasted 5 seasons, YouTube way! I started podcasting in January 2017 where I did about 35 episodes. I started over this month with a new podcast called NDN Way w/ Jonny R (you can find the first 2 episodes on Anchor, Spotify, GooglePlay and other podcast sites except iTunes).

It occurred to me that the only way I’m going to get the information I want is to seek it myself. Also, crying around on Facebook has gotten a lot of attention of those that control this information (who knew?!). So along with my new podcast and this website, it will be not only my creative outlet, but also how I share information that comes my way. The websites, news sources, media, and public relations really leave a lot of desired. We normally have to wait days, weeks, and sometimes months to know what is going on in the Red Lake Nation.

So, that’s where I am and why I am here.


Jon Roberts

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